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Frictional Constraint of Rope Strands

Hwai-Chung Wu
15 pp.
MITSG 94-05J

Rope has been in service for centuries. There has been little research undertaken on ropes until recently when activity increased as a result of a rapid increase in its applications. In particular, a great deal of concern is given to the sudden failure of rope in marine service. The potential danger arises from the release of huge amounts of strain energy stored during stretching. Such a failure may cause severe damage to either personnel or facilities. This study is focused on double-braided ropes, which are composed of two separable layers, sheath and core. The slippage criterian and process of double-braided ropes are discussed here.

type: Technical reports

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Parent Project

Project No.: 1988-RT-33-PTI
Title: Deployment Trials of Synthetic Fiber Hawsers in Ocean Towing

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