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Inspection and Feature Extraction of Marine Propellers

Richard A. Jinkerson, Stephen L. Abrams, Leonidis Bardis
19 pp.
MITSG 94-04J

A fundamental problem in manufacturing is the need to determine if a manufactured object meets the requirements of the original design description from which it was made. The need for precise inspection and evaluation of tolerances is clearly demonstrated in the area of marine propellers. While the inspection of marine propellers has traditionally involved highly skilled technicians checking the surface of a manufactured propeller with numerous mechanical gages, the recent development of automated methods of inspection using coordinate measuring machines and laser-based measuring devices makes it possible to obtain voluminous quantities of highly accurate spatial measurements of manufactured propellers. This paper addresses an aspect of the question of how to best utilize the measured data obtained from manufactured propellers for the automated inspection of those propellers.

type: Technical reports

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