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Report of the Anglo-US Meeting on Cooperation for Cleaner Seas

James W Bales, James G Bellingham
25 pp.
MITSG 94-21

This report presents the proceedings of a two-day workshop held to consider the use of new technologies (such as autonomous underwater vehicles) in understanding global climate and monitoring local pollution. The objectives of the workshop were to define a range of project topics, targeting strategic research needs and underpinning technologies, and to create a framework of U.S./U.K. cooperation to implement those projects. Specific recommendations made by four working groups at the meeting include: environmental modeling, new in-situ sensors, and autonomous instrument platforms for pollution monitoring. Readers involved with implementing new technologies to better understand marine environments will find this paper particularly relevant.

type: Workshops, proceedings, symposia

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Parent Project

Project No.: 1993-RU-25
Title: Focused Research III: Autonomous Underwater Vehicles: Scientific and Industrial Applications

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