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Autonomous Oceanographic Sampling Networks

Thomas B. Curtin, James G Bellingham, Josko Catipovic
9 pp.
MITSG 94-16J

The autonomous ocean sampling network (AOSN) presents the opportunity for economically feasible ocean sampling adequate for rigorous hypothesis testing and long-term monitoring. This paper presents the rationale, method, and potential for the AOSN, in which a network of autonomous underwater vehicles (AUVs) operates with distributed acoustic and point sensors to achieve spatially adaptive sampling. The investigators include descriptions of AUVs, network nodes, and ongoing AOSN projects. Because AOSN has the potential to revolutionize ocean sampling, these findings will be of significant interest both to research engineers and oceanographers.

type: Technical reports

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Parent Project

Project No.: 1990-RU-20-MCII
Title: Focused Research II: Autonomous Underwater Vehicles: Basic Technologies