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Teaching notes for Intermodal Movement of Marine Containers: Instructor's Guide

Henry Marcus
39 pp.
MITSG 94-15

Intermodal Movement of Marine Containers (MITSG 92-21) is a textbook for use in transporation courses dealing with the changes occurring in the field in the last decade. Written in an engaging format, the book is a series of case studies, based on real-life problems and derived from interviews with the principal parties involved, as well as from scholarly and other sources. Each section identifies a problem in the industry, examines it in depth and provides insight into potential changes. Profiled are the ports of Long Beach, Boston, New York and New Jersey, Seattle and New Orleans, as well as Burlington Northern Railroad, American Automar, Inc., American President Companies, Ltd., and Cast (1983), Ltd. This companion guide (MITSG 94-15) for instructors of courses related to transporation or logistics management includes an overview of case studies in the text, as well as chapter-by-chapter notes on teaching objectives and suggested teaching formats.

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Parent Project

Project No.: 1992-RO-2-PD
Title: Assessment of Sonar Signatures of Hazardous Waste Containers in Massachusetts Bay

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