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The GOATS Joint Research Project: Underwater Vehicle Networks for Acoustic and Oceanographic Measurements in the Littoral Ocean.

Edoardo Bovio, Henrik Schmidt
12 pp.
MITSG 03-08J
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The Autonomous Ocean Sampling Network (AOSN) consists of a network of fixed moorings and/or autonomous underwater vehicles (AUV) tied together by acoustic communication technology. The Generic Oceanographic Array Technology Systems (GOATS) Joint Research Project (1998-2001) developed AOSN technology specifically directed toward rapid environmental assessment and mine counter measures in coastal environments. The project combined theory and modeling of the 3-D environmental acoustics with experiments involving a prototype underwater vehicle network. To explore the utility of environmental forecasts of the coastal ocean for AUV mission planning, the information derived from the network sensors was assimilated with nested ocean modeling, consistently coupling basin scale oceanography with small-scale ocean processes. The paper summarizes the work performed.

type: Technical reports

Parent Project

Project No.: 1999-RU--RCM
Title: Sensor and Operational Tradeoffs for Multi AUV MCM