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On the Quadratic Effect of Random Gravity Waves on a Vertical Boundary

Paul Sclavounos
15 pp.
MITSG 93-09J

This article studies the quadratic effects induced by random surface waves upon floating bodies, where 'quadratic' denotes all effects proprotional to the square of the wave amplitude. It is shown that in a stochastic wave environment, surface wave effects proportional to the square of the wave amplitude depend upon the third-order free-surface perturbation. Expressions are derived for the quadratic frequency spectrum of the hydrodynamic pressure in the fluid domain in unidirectional and standing waves reflected off a vertical wall. Computations of the spectrum reveal the importance of the effect contributed by the third- order solution, which is found to be at least of comparable magnitude to the corresponding effect obtained from the solution of the second-order problem.

type: Technical reports

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