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The Slow-drift Motion of Arrays of Vertical Cylinders

Ole J. Emmerhoff, Paul Sclavounos
10 pp.
MITSG 93-08J

The large-amplitude rectilinear 'slow-drift' oscillation of a floating body constrained by a weak restoring force in random waves is considered. The free-surface flow is approximated by a perturbation series expansion for a small slow-drift velocity and wave steepness. A model slow-drift equation of motion is derived, the time-dependent slow-drift excitation force and wave damping coefficient are defined and the complete series of free-surface problems governing their magnitude are formulated. An explicit solution is obtained for a vertical circular cylinder of infinite draught and extended for arrays of vertical circular cylinders by employing an exact interaction theory. The wave-drift damping coefficient is evaluated for configurations of interest in practice and an expression is derived for the steady drifting velocity of an unconstrained body in regular waves.

type: Technical reports

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