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Inhibition of Lipid Oxidation During Processing of Washed, Minced Atlantic Mackerel

Stephen D Kelleher, Laurie A. Silva, Herbert Hultin
6 pp.
MITSG 93-06J

In any tissue, (including fish muscle) there are many components which can function as pro-oxidants or antioxidants. The use of a washed minced product, such as might be incorporated into surimi, presents an opportunity to remove some pro-oxidants and to incorporate antioxidants. The objective of this study was to evaluate the effect of some antioxidant systems on the stabilization of lipids against oxidation in minced mackerel muscle. An antioxidative system that was designed to maintain heme iron reduced, nonheme iron as an inactive chelate, and provide free radical scavenging in the aqueous and lipid phases, was most effective when added early in the processing of washed, minced mackerel muscle.

type: Technical reports

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