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A Computer-based Propeller Design Series for Human-powered Submarines

Clifford Goudey
6 pp.
MITSG 93-04

A design code called Propeller Lifting Line is used to predict the performance of a series of propeller configurations suitable for human-powered submarine applications. Suitable ranges of speed, diameter, thrust, and RPM are used to yield results of use in the specification of non-ducted, single-component, 2-bladed propellers for two-person submarines at power levels less than 0.4 horsepower. The dimensional results are presented in tabular and graphic form to show the effect on efficiency of variations in input parameter. The dilemma of off-design operating conditions are discussed and the effects of variable RPM and variable pitch are shown over a range of speeds.

type: Technical reports

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Parent Project

Project No.: 1992-A-12
Title: MIT Sea Grant Advisory Services

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