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Acoustic Tomography of a Coastal Front in Haro Strait, British Columbia.

P. Elisseeff, H. Schmidt, M. Johnson
16 pp.
MITSG 03-07J
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Acoustically Focused Oceanographic Sampling (AFOS) consists of a network of acoustic arrays connected to a fleet of autonomous underwater vehicles and to a shore station using wireless local technology. A real-time field estimate of temperature or current in the region of interest is computed by combining the various integral and local data sets available. AFOS provide "rapid environmental assessment," which is important for coastal oceanography and operational of naval systems. In this content a feasibility experiment was performed in Haro Straight, British Columbia. Its first objective was to test the available technology when integrated into a single network. Its second objective was to demonstrate the scientific relevance of AFOS by investigating mixing mechanisms in the highly active Haro Strait region.

type: Technical reports

Parent Project

Project No.: 1995-RU-009-ONR
Title: High Resolution Mapping of Coastal Front Dynamics Using Adaptive Oceanograph Sampling Networks