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Demonstration of a High-performance, Low-cost Autonomous Underwater Vehicle

J. G Bellingham, J. W Bales, D. K. Atwood
18 pp.
MITSG 93-28

Operational results are described for tests of "Odyssey", a prototype autonomous underwater vehicle (AUV) developed at the MIT Sea Grant Underwater Vehicles Laboratory. The paper details the general electronics, forms of navigation, mission sensors, and means of communication and control for the "Odyssey". The results of sea trials are given for in-water tests in the greater Boston area and off the coast of Antarctica. Scientific and industrial applications that can directly benefit from AUV operations are highlighted, including under-ice studies, rapid response to episodic events, and environmental and pollution monitoring. Figures illustrate the vehicle's structure, its software configuration, the range as a function of speed, and performance with different control algorithms.

type: Technical reports

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