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MIT Jar Tests of Wachusett Reservoir Water Using the Natural Polymer Chitosan with Bentonite

Susan Murcott, Donald Harleman
41 pp.
MITSG 93-23

To comply with new U.S. Safe Drinking Water Act regulations, the Massachusetts Water Resources Authority's Water Division is anticipating building a large water treatment plant at Wachusett Reservoir. Researchers conducted jar tests of chitosan at Wachusett Reservoir to demonstrate the effectiveness of the organic polymer as a substitute for alum or ferric chloride. This paper presents findings for principal factors affecting coagulation, including raw water characteristics, chemical type and dose, mixing time and speed, order of chemical addition, pH and alkalinity, and temperature. Equations are given for evaluating sludge production and estimating relative costs of using alum and a polymer versus chitosan and bentonite. An appendix with figures illustrating findings for different test dates supplements the main text.

type: Technical reports

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