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Wake Mechanics for Thrust Generation in Oscillating Foils

M. S. Triantafyllou, G. S. Triantafyllou, R. Gopalkrishnan
3 pp.
MITSG 93-13J

When thrust is generated by an oscillating foil, the wake behind it has an average velocity profile with the form of a jet. This jet flow is associated with a staggered array of vortices moving downstream from the foil, closely resembling the von Karman vortex street behind bluff objects, but with reverse rotational direction. It is shown through experimental data from flapping foils and data from fish observation that thrust develops through the formation of a reverse von Karman street whose preferred Strouhal number is between 0.25 and 0.35, and that optimal foil efficiency is achieved within this Strouhal range.

type: Technical reports

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