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Effect of NaCl on Catalysis of Lipid Oxidation by the Soluble Fraction of Fish Muscle

Joanne E. Osinchak, Herbert Hultin, Oliver T. Zajicek
7 pp.
MITSG 92-08J

Salt (NaCl) is added to muscle foods for a variety of purposes, including flavor and the inhibition of microorganisms; however, it has an accelerating effect on lipid oxidation in a variety of meats, including beef, pork, chicken, and fish. The purpose of the work described here was to examine the effect of NaCl on lipid oxidation in a model system using an extract of fish muscle to catalyze the oxidation of a phosphatidylcholine liposome preparation. If NaCl increased the prooxidative effect of the muscle extract, the objectives were to determine whether the sodium ion, the chloride ion, or both, were required for this effect and the mechanism by which such an effect might occur.

type: Technical reports

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