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Scientific and Environmental Data Collection with Autonomous Underwater Vehicles

Carolyn A. Levi
77 pp.
MITSG 92-02

This workshop convened representatives of the oceanographic, environmental, sensor and autonomous underwater vehicle (AUV) communities to identify critical scientific and environmental data collection needs, focusing on those marine research problems for which AUVs and new sensor development could provide the enabling technology. Included are papers on capabilities of AUVs and of bio-optical moorings, use of AUVs for studying ecosystems, large-sclae circulation, hydrotherml vents, benthic megafauna, sea-ice mechanics, micro-magnetic fields and marine geology. Other papers cover capabilities for monitoring Boston Harbor and Massachusetts Bay and abyssal ocean waste sites, and use of sensors on and applications of AUVs to the offshore oil and gas industry.

type: Workshops, proceedings, symposia

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Parent Project

Project No.: 1992-A-6
Title: MIT Sea Grant Marine Industry Collegium

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