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Towards a Patent for a New Wastewater Treatment Process: Chemically Enhanced Primary Wastewater Treatment and the use of Chitosan in Chemically Enhanced Primary Wastewater Treatment

Susan Murcott
22 pp.
MITSG 92-11

This paper describes two inventions. The first is 'chemically enhanced primary wastewater treatment' which is a unique application of known processes. The defining characteristic of this wastewater treatment method is the maximization of the efficiency of the first stage in the wastewater treatment regime. Chemically enhanced primary wastewater treatment is distinguished from other methods of chemical wastewater treatment by small dosages of a metal salt(s), high overflow rates, and minimal follow-on biological treatment approximately half that of standard wastewater treatment schemes. The second invention is the application of chitosan in chemically enhanced primary wastewater treatment. The use of chitosan in wastewater treatment has a particular appeal because it involves recycling a waste product which is at the same time a naturally-occurring, biodegradable chemical in the environment.

type: Technical reports

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