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Submerged Coastal Offshore Mussel Aquaculture System (SCOMAS): a Multidisciplinary Approach

Paul Walter, Marc Grosenbaugh
16 pp.
MITSG 01-11
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This report summarizes the activities and findings during the final period of a two-year effort to study the grow-out of mussels offshore. The site of the experiment was 9.5 nautical miles southwest of Martha's Vineyard, Massachusetts. The effort consisted of the modeling, design, and construction of a long-line mooring system with a suspended mussel grow-out harness, its deployment, servicing, harvesting, and retrieval at sea, and onshore inspection after the sea test. The system was deployed in order to determine if offshore mussel growth was feasible and happening at a sufficient rate to become a form of offshore shellfish aquaculture. The authors discuss the success of the experiment and the growing commercial interest in offshore aquaculture.

type: Technical reports

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Project No.: 1998-RD-4-REG
Title: Submerged Coastal Offshore Mussel Aquaculture System: A Multi-Disciplinary Approach