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Development of a Novel Technology for the Manipulation of Fish Reproductive Cycles; Controlled Release of Gonadotropin Releasing Hormones

Robert Langer, Yonathan Zohar
22 pp.
MITSG 92-01
$5.50 DOM / $7.50 INT

Barriers to spawning limit aquaculture of commercially fish species. This report describes using polymeric controlled release delivery systems to deliver superactive anlogs of the reproductive hormone gonadotropin-releasing hormone (GnRH) to seabream, rainbow trout, Atlantic salmon and Pacific coho salmon. The in-vitro release patterns and their relationships to gonadotropin secretion are studied, as are the effects of the delivery systems on ovulation and spawning.

type: Technical reports

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Project No.: 1991-RB-30
Title: Development of a Technology for the Manipulation of Fish Reproductive Cycles: Controlled Release of Gonadotropin-releasing Hormones

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