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Roll Damping on Two New England Trawlers: an Experimental Study.

Clifford A. Goudey, Madan Venugopal
8 pp.
MITSG 91-05J

Fishing vessels are susceptible to severe rolling motions because they are small and operate under rough conditions. Heavy deck loads, towed or suspended gear, and icing contribute further to destabilization. This study concentrates on three types of roll-damping devices--bilge keels, passive bilge fins and paravanes. Tests were conducted in the MIT Ship Model Towing Tank using scale models of a 76-foot single-chine trawler and a 119-foot double-chine trawler fitted with each damping device and excited in roll by a hull-mounted moment generator. The effect on roll damping of each device is compared. The relationship of bilge keel and bilge fin area and aspect ratio to damping ratio are studied, and design and practical considerations are discussed.

type: Technical reports

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