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Settling and Coagulation Characteristics of Fluorescent Particles Determined by Flow Cytometry and Fluorometry.

Kathleen A Newman, Fran├žois Morel, Keith Stolzenbach
8 pp.
MITSG 91-03J

The processes acting on particles in aquatic environments are important in geochemical cycling of natural substances as well as in the transport and fate of anthropogenic pollutants. However, these processes are poorly understood. The first of these reports describes a new technique for detecting particles in natural waters. The technique is based on analysis of fluorescent emission by pigment particles using flow cytometry. The second report describes the results of using this technique in tracking sedimentation of particles released into a sewage outfall in Salem Sound, Massachusetts. Particles were quantitatively detected and sized in samples of bottom sediment and sediment trap material.

type: Technical reports

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