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Nonenzymic Catalysts of Lipid Oxidation in Mackerel Ordinary Muscle

Eric A. Decker, Herbert Hultin
3 pp.
MITSG 91-28J

A study was designed to determine if components of the soluble fraction of mackerel muscle can catalyze lipid oxidation in a model system of phospholipid liposomes and to partially characterize these components. Lipid oxidation catalyzed by the "5 kilodalton fraction of mackerel ordinary muscle was inhibited by ceruloplasmin and EDTA, suggesting involvement of metals. Removal of ascorbate from the soluble fraction decreased FeCl2- stimulated lipid oxidation, suggesting that ascorbate was capable of reducing metals in mackerel muscle. Components with spectral characteristics similar to hydrogen peroxide-activated hemoproteins were detected in aged muscle.

type: Technical reports

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