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Tidal distortions and flood dominance at five small tidal inlets in southern Maine.

Jonathan M. Lincoln, Duncan Fitzgerald
16 pp.

Flood or ebb tidal currents can dominate tidal flow at inlets if the durations of tidal rise and flow differ. This relationship has a profound influence on sediment transport through inlets and on sediment deposition. In this report, the authors describe current velocities at five shallow Maine inlets, showing that the duration of the rising tide is shorter than that of the falling tide. The dominance of flood tidal currents at these inlets produces net landward sediment transport. A model is presented that explains the hydraulics of tidal asymmetry at small inlets.

type: Journal, book, proceeding reprints

Parent Project

Project No.: 1986-RC-21-PD
Title: Management Guidelines for Tidal Inlet Shorelines for Maine