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Development of Autonomous Vehicles for Long Term Ocean Eddy Observation.

Michael Triantafyllou, Knut Streitlien
29 pp.
MITSG 91-16

Oceanographers need a way to observe large-scale ocean features over the long-term, especially unsteady large-scale features known as ocean eddies. Satellite observation is valuable for surface observation, but the behavior of eddies through the water column is unknown. Autonomous underwater vehicles (AUVs) are an alternative uniquely adapted to observing these dynamically evolving features. Multiple AUVs would be required to observe large features over a long time scale. The vehicles should be inexpensive and control of all vehicles should be simultaneous. Issues of control are discussed and a novel scheme for controlling large numbers of vehicles is described. Concepts are illustrated through applying AUVs to observing a Gulf Stream eddy.

type: Technical reports

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