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The Abundance, Distribution, and Configuration of Porewater Organic Colloids in Recent Sediments.

Yu-Ping Chin, Philip Gschwend
9 pp.
MITSG 91-15J

Porewater organic colloids, comprised of humic and labile macromolecules (proteins, polysaccharides, etc.), may play a variety of roles in the geochemistry of chemical species associated with sediments. These include coating mineral surfaces, thereby changing sorbent properties, affecting the speciation of transition metals, and binding hydrophobic organic compounds in interstitial waters. The vertical distributions of porewater colloids in several nearshore marine and lacustrine cores are reported, along with data indicating the size and configuration of these macromolecules. Analytical difficulties which have hindered the interpretation of this molecular size data, and possibly much of what is available in the literature, are described.

type: Technical reports

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