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Validation Studies of Models TEA and ELA in Boston Harbor and Mass Bay

Eric Adams, Douglas J. Cosler, John K. MacFarlane
36 pp.
MITSG 90-27

The two-dimensional models TEA and ELA were used to help site a sewage effluent outfall in western Massachusetts Bay. This model validation study complemented the siting effort by comparing measured tidal and low-frequency currents in the bay against simulation with TEA and by comparing the measured concentrations of halocarbon tracers, discharged from existing outfalls, against corresponding simulations with ELA. A study was also performed to identify the sensitivity of simulated concentrations to outfall location, pollutant decay rate, model representation of tidal and low-frequency currents, dispersion, near-field representation and treatment of the open boundary. This study follows previous model validation efforts in Boston Harbor reported in 1986.

type: Technical reports

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