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NEREUS: Engineering Concept for an Underwater Mass Spectrometer.

Harold Hemond, Richard Camilli
8 pp.
MITSG 03-26J
$3.50 (5.50 international) DOM

NEREUS (novel, efficient, rapid evaluation of underwater spectra) is a self-contained underwater mass-spectrometer system capable of continuous measurements of gases and vapors dissolved in the water column. Rapid in-situ measurement minimizes or eliminates artifacts that are often a problem when collecting and storing samples for analysis of volatile constituents, and provides higher spatial and temporal resolution of chemical patterns than is possible with conventional techniques. NEREUS is designed to operate either independently on a mooring or winch line, or aboard an autonomous underwater vehicle (AUV), such as the Sea Grant Odyssey class submersible. Underwater mass spectrometers such as NEREUS have many important applications to practical problems, such as pollution monitoring, as well as to fundamental Earth systems research.

type: Technical reports

Parent Project

Project No.: 2001-RD-12
Title: Deployment of an Odyssey-compatible In-Situ Mass Spectrometer

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