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Experimental and Analytical Modeling for Propellant-embedded Anchors

Herbert H. Einstein, Andrew J Whittle, F S. Jeng
166 pp.
MITSG 90-22

Propellant embedded anchors (PEAs) are torpedo-shaped projectiles rapidly propelled into the seafloor to provide anchorage for offshore structures. Penetration of a PEA into a discontinuous mass changes the stress field and material properties in the penetrated medium and at the penetrator/medium interface. The stress field characteristics affect, in turn, pullout resistance. The research described in this report is aimed at understanding the fundamental behavior of PEAs during penetration into, and pullout from, brittle fractured rock. Results make it possible to create a predictive model, based on the strain path method, that will also be useful in predicting behavior of other structures and devices penetrating brittle materials, such as tension piles in rock and anchor bolts in concrete.

type: Technical reports

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