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A Stochastic Treatment of Rope Strength Prediction

Hwai-Chung Wu, John F. Mandall, Stanley Backer
32 pp.
MITSG 90-19

Statistical theories are applied to predict the static tensile performance of braided ropes and to determine the most probable rope strength. In addition to the structural modelling, the failure strain distribution of individual rope components is included. Extremes of no-friction and infinite-friction (no relative movement) conditions are considered. A Monte Carlo technique and probability model are used in the former case where no load transfer is considered around failed strands. In the latter case, a failure probability analysis is developed based on a proposed local load-sharing rule. Experimental results agree well with the predictions for small nylon and polyester double-braided ropes. Such a statistical approach also provides a promising method for estimating the effects of local wear/abrasion damage on subsequent performance.

type: Technical reports

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