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Modeling of Synthetic Fiber Ropes Deterioration Caused by Internal Abrasion and Tensile Fatigue

Moon H. Seo, Stanley Backer, John F. Mandall
38 pp.
MITSG 90-18

In this study models have been formulated for predicting service life of synthetic fiber double-braided rope, based on geometrically ideal rope structures. Two experimentally determined factors were considered: tensile creep-induced fatigue and wear/abrasion behavior of constituent fibers. Model-based predictions agree reasonably well with tensile fatigue tests conducted at high loading levels as well as in an extended low-load test series. At high loads, tensile creep dominates, while at low loads internal wear determines rope life. The model is designed to treat both deployment conditions and gives insight into the interaction of tensile fatigue, wear and the structural mechanics of rope.

type: Technical reports

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