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Electromagnetic Boundary Layer Control Lorentz Actuators for Turbulence Control and Underwater Acoustic Communications

Daniel Sura
101 pp.
MITSG 03-24
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This work utilized recently developed numerical simulations that predict drag reduction by implementing a Lorentz force crosswise to the flow of fluid thereby altering the flow behavior of near wall turbulent structures. At an optimum predicted crosswise forcing magnitude and frequency of oscillation, the numerical simulations predict drag reduction to be on the order of 30 percent. Such a reduction would be of tremendous value to ocean-going vessels, especially relating to fuel consumption and speed. The authors present experimental validation of these numerical simulations of drag reduction due to Lorentz force excitation, as performed in the Marine Hydrodynamics Laboratory at MIT.

type: Full theses / dissertations

Parent Project

Project No.: 2002-RD-16
Title: A Lorentz Force Actuator for Skin Friction and Noise Reduction in Turbulent Flows Past AUVs

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