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An autonomous submersible designed for software development.

James G Bellingham, , Michael Triantafyllou
6 pp.
MITSG 89-30J
$1 DOM

An autonomous submersible is being used at MIT Sea Grant as a platform for exploring approaches to mission planning. The vehicle is small, measuring less than three feet long and weighing 62 lbs. Layered control, which has been implemented for land vehicles at the MIT Artificial Intelligence Laboratory, will be used to give the vehicle the capability required to operate in unmapped environments and respond to unanticipated situations. Its repertoire of behaviors will include avoiding collisions, homing on pingers, and investigating interesting phenomena (e.g. sonar targets or magnetic anomalies). A potential mission for the submersible might be rapid response to industrial or natural disasters, for example measuring the characteristics of a chemical spill in a body of water. Reprinted from Proceedings from Oceans '89, Seattle, Washington, Sept. 18-21, 1989.

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