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Omega-3 fatty Acids in Health and Disease

Robert Lees, Marcus Karel
240 pp.
MITSG 89-02

This seminar proceedings presents "objective" medical, chemical, industrial, and legal information on the consumption of omega-3 fatty acids--found chiefly in cold-water fish. Leading authorities share clinical and experimental evidence of short-and long-term effects of these dietary fats on cancer and cardiovascular and rheumatic diseases. Clarifying numerous issues surrounding the consumption of fish oil, the book reviews methods for producing fish oil, problems with standardization and preservation, regulatory considerations, effects of consumption on blood lipids and platelet activity, epidemiologic and toxicologic data, and more. The following papers are included in this publication: 1. Impact of dietary fat on human health. Robert S. Lees pp. 1-38. 2. Effects of omega-3 fatty acids on risk factors for cardiovascular disease. D. Roger Illingworth and Daniel Ullmann pp. 39-69. 3. Clinical and epidemiological data on the effects of fish oil in cardiovascular disease. Charles H. Hennekens, et al. pp. 71-86. 4. The effects of fish oil on connective tissue metabolism and connective tissue disease. Roy Soberman pp. 87-97. 5. Experimental and epidemiolgical evidence on marine lipids and carcinogenesis. Kenneth K. Carroll pp. 99-114. 6. Omega-3 fatty acids in growth and development. Artemis P. Simopoulos pp. 115-156. 7. Sources of omega-3 fatty acids in human diets. John E. Kinsella pp. 157-200. 8. Supercritical fluid fractionation of fish oils. Val Krukonis pp. 201-210. 9. Omega-3 fatty acids from algae. Richard J. Radmer pp. 211-214. 10.Chemical and analytical aspects of assuring an effective supply of omega-3 fatty acids to the consumer. Robert G. Ackman and W. M. N. Ratnayake pp. 215-233.

type: Workshops, proceedings, symposia

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