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Automation in the Design and Manufacture of Large Marine Systems

Chryssostomos Chryssostomidis
298 pp.
MITSG 89-01

This volume covers the proceedings of a conference which provided a forum for the coherent examination and exchange of ideas on aspects of automation of the design and manufacture of complex systems important in heavy industries. Subjects covered included aspects of sculptured shape representation and interrogation in a computer environment, automated analysis, procedural modelling of objects for design and fabrication, tolerances and forming of plates with adaptive control. Also discussed were issues of design and fabrication of composite materials. The following papers are included in this publication: 1. Automation of design and manufacturing in heavy industries. M.J. Wozny pp. 3-36. 2. Shape representation of sculptured objects: the fairness of curves and surfaces. G. Farin and N. Sapidis pp. 39-57. 3. Generalized cylinders and their use in design and fabrication. J. Pegna pp. 59-79. 4. Shape interrogation. N.M. Patrikalakis pp. 83-103. 5. On discretization in adaptive finite element analysis. K.-J. Bathe and S.-W. Chae pp. 105-146. 6. Procedural models for design and fabrication. J. R. Rossignac, et al. pp. 147-175. 7. Bridging the gap between design and manufacturing: the role of tolerances and features. D. C. Gossard pp. 179-192. 8. Mechanics of die-less forming of double curvature metal shells. T. Wierzbicki pp. 195-214. 9. Modeling of forming processes and their control. D. E. Hardt pp. 215-234. 10.Modeling of welding distortion in complex structures. A. Moshaiov and T.W. Eagar pp. 235-256. 11.The potential for composite materials in marine structures. P.A. Lagace pp. 259-273. 12.Manufacturing issues for composite materials in marine structures. T.G. Gutowski and M.F. Sentovich pp. 275-294.

type: Workshops, proceedings, symposia

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