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AUV Applications in Massachusetts Bay: an Assessment of Current and Potential Opportunities

Porter Hoagland, Arthur G. Gaines, Mary E. Schumacher
18 pp.
MITSG 01-10
$7.00 DOM

The commercial potential of the autonomous underwater vehicle (AUV) is now just beginning to be realized in the fields of environmental monitoring, oceanographic sampling, and undersea search and survey. The authors regard AUV technology as still in the infancy of its commercial potential. In this report, they examine the potential opportunities--for the application of AUV technologies in Massachusetts Bay. The examination involved interviews with a number of experts in the AUV field as well as a survey of natural resource managers and ocean users in Massachusetts Bay. The common opinion is that, at present, few if any existing research questions or monitoring tasks specifically concerning Masachusetts Bay, including the Boston Harbor Outfall Project, can be better addressed using AUVs than with conventional technology. Nevertheless, a prime opportunity offered by the Boston Harbor Outfall study is to frame new questions and paradigms to demonstrate the applications of AUVs. Given the backdrop of existing monitoring infrastructure associated with this project, MIT Sea Grant might issue a challenge to proponents of AUVs to demonstrate the suite of new capabilities, insights, economies, and needed technologies.

type: Technical reports

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