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Numerical modeling of sorption kinetics of organic compounds to soil and sediment particles.

Shian-Chee Wu, Philip Gschwend
MITSG 88-14J

The fate of an organic pollutant in aquatic environments is often highly dependent on its sorption behavior. A numerical model is developed to ascertain the sensitivity of the sorption process for various sorbates to nonsteady solution concentrations and to polydisperse soil or sediment aggregate particle size distributions. Analytical solutions for single geometric mean size and the first-order approximation were tested using the model. A means is provided to estimate the extent of approach of a sorbing system to equilibrium as a function of aggregate size, chemical diffusivity and hydrophobicity, and systems solids concentration.

type: Technical reports

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Parent Project

Project No.: 1988-RC-19
Title: Bed-Water Exchange of Toxic Organic Compounds, Part I