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Fatigue behavior of synthetic fibres, yarns, and ropes

M. C. Kenney, John F. Mandall, Frederick McGarry
MITSG 87-17J

Tensile fatigue/life cycle and creep-rupture data have been obtained for nylon 6,6 single fibres, interlaced yarns, and small ropes under a variety of loading conditions. The results show a similar degradation rate at each level of structure, with no apparent influence of inter-fibre effects. Cyclic lifetimes of single fibres can be predicted from a creep rupture model. Consistent with this model, the time to failure is insensitive to frequency over a broad range. For each level of structure the strain at failure is the same whether tested in simple tension or under cyclic or creep loading. Failure modes were generally similar in creep rupture and cyclic fatigue tests; no effect of a slack load on each cycle was evident either in the failure mode or specimen lifetime.

type: Technical reports

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