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Roll Damping on a 76-foot New England Trawler-an Experimental Investigation

Clifford Goudey, Madan Venugopal
63 pp.
MITSG 87-13
$5 DOM

The damping effects of bilge keels, bilge fins and paravanes on the roll motions of a fishing vessel are studied experimentally using model tests in a towing tank. A 1:17.03 scale model of a 76 ft. New England trawler was fitted with the different damping devices and excited by a moment generator. The roll amplitudes were measured at trawling and steaming speeds and with no forward speed, and the roll damping ratios were calculated. The model resistance was measured at trawling and steaming speeds. Comparisons of the effects of the different damping devices are made. The effects of circular cutouts on the damping action of a fin and a bilge keel are also studied.

type: Technical reports

Parent Project

Project No.: 1992-A-12
Title: MIT Sea Grant Advisory Services

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