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Mechanics of Degradation in Marine Rope

Stanley Backer, Moon H. Seo
MITSG 87-14J

Depending on use requirements, ropes may vary in geometric structure and diameter, hence in tensile strength, ranging from about 2000 lbs for a quarter-inch diameter rope to over two million pounds for a ten-inch diameter nylon or polyester double braided hawser. In critical rope applications which involve cyclic loading over a long period, as in mooring of large tankers, the strength specification will also be factored according to a tensile fatigue/life cycle curve; however, the nature and rate of degradation of rope during usage remains unknown. This paper focuses on the factors which cause degradation in marine ropes, and reports on the modes and extent of degradation observed in selected synthetic fiber hawsers over extended periods of use in different deployment situations.

type: Technical reports

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