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Three-dimensional Non-linear Dynamics of Compliant Risers

Nicholas Patrikalakis, George A. Kriezis
88 pp.
MITSG 87-11

Compliant risers are assemblages of pipes with very small overall bending rigidity used to convey oil from the ocean floor or a subsurface buoy to a surface platform. A compliant riser is allowed to accrue large static deformations because of its small bending rigidity. The riser readjusts its configuration--without excessive stressing--in response to the large, slow motions of the supporting platforms it is connected to. This work presents a mathematical model for the three-dimensional non-linear static and frequency domain dynamic analysis of nonrotationally uniform compliant risers with torsion in the presence of three types of forces: unidirectional monochromatic waves traveling at an arbitrary angle; arbitrary monochromatic motions and rotations of the upper and lower ends of the riser, of the same frequency as the waves; and arbitrary currents.

type: Technical reports

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