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Undersea Teleoperators and Intelligent Autonomous Vehicles

Norman Doelling, Elizabeth T. Harding
233 pp.
MITSG 87-1

In this volume we discuss the development of robots which can operate in an extraordinarily complex environment, the ocean. The research challenges are considerable. To review what has been accomplished and identify what remains to be done to create teleoperators and intelligent autonomous vehicles which can operate below the sea's surface, we have asked a group of AI experts, marine scientists, robotic engineers, and underwater vehicle designers to present their views and work. This book, based on papers presented at a conference held at MIT in October 1986, presents a multidisciplinary look at the evolving fields of teleoperation, robotics and artificial intelligence as they apply to underwater systems. Applications to marine biology, offshore oil (and even space flight) are highlighted. Robot vehicles can be a great tool in a continuing human quest to explore and understand the sea and its myriad resources.

type: Technical reports

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