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Denting analysis of tubes under combined loading

Tomasz Wierzbicki, Myung Sung Suh
105 pp.
MITSG 86-5

A theoretical analysis is presented of large plastic deformations of tubes subjected to combine loading in the form of lateral indentation, bending moments and axial force. A consideration effort was made to develop and justify an accurate and yet mathematically tractable model of the shell. The model is capable of describing with some realism local damage of tubes involving large strains, rotations and shape distortion. The force- deflection characteristics of tubes were shown to depend strongly on the magnitude of the bending moment and axial force (tensile or compressive), applied to the tube ends. The calculations revealed that the resistance of the tube to lateral indentation and thereby the energy that the tube can absorb sharply diminishes with changing the direction of axial force from pre- tension to pre-compression. With increasing compression the tube were found to loose stability and fail by local plastic sectional collapse at the load equal 0.75 of the plastic squach load. The residual strength of dented tubes was also determined in the case of rotationally restraint boundary conditions. The present results were shown to give good correlation with few well documented experiments reported in the literature.

type: Sea Grant programs' reports

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