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Static and fatigue analysis of multi-leg mooring system.

Michael Triantafyllou, Antoine Bliek, Hyunkyoung Shin
21 pp.
MITSG 86-21

This report describes all theoretical developments for evaluating the fatigue life of multi-leg mooring systems. Cables are subject to substantial tension amplification in deeper waters, because they are forced by the action of drag to employ the large elastic stiffness, instead of the small catenary stiffness, in response to oscillatory excitation in the wave frequency range; multi-leg lines have a relatively small fatigue life in deeper waters, due to the amplification mechanism. Here the drag nonlinearity was linearized stochastically and the cable dynamic code employed frequency domain techniques by iterating with respect to the nonlinear drag effect unitl convergence was achieved. Substantial time was devoted to compare the predictions of this procedure with a fully nonlinear, time-domain methodology derived during the previous phase of this study. This decision led to the development of computationally very efficient methods to treat the very complex problem of long term cable fatigue.

type: Technical reports

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