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Conference proceedings: gear selectivity as a management tool

Clifford A. Goudey, Kathryn E. Paterson, Thecia J. Ree
57 pp.
MITSG 86-18

This report, a collection of transcripts from a conference held at MIT, addresses the design and use of size-and species-specific gear with the potential to improve utilization and management of fish stocks. Speakers representing commercial fishermen, agency personnel, and gear manufacturers focused on the viability of introducing gear that is more selective; problems of enforcement; and the effects of gear-specific regulations on fishermen, fishing practices, and gear manufacturers. Specific fisheries of the New England region are covered by category; west and Gulf coast experiences with selectivity techniques are summarized. Operational advantages associated with a resource-sparing design were identified as an important incentive toward its adoption.

type: Workshops, proceedings, symposia

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