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Mooring dynamics for offshore applications. Part I. Theory

Michael Triantafyllou, Antoine Bliek, James Burgess
252 pp.
MITSG 86-1

This is the final report of a study on the dynamics of a single mooring line for marine applications. The discovery of some basic linear dynamic properties of cables was the principal reason behind the study, which investigated the effect of the principal non-linearities on linear predictions. The equivalent linearization of nonlinear terms was also addressed as a means for reducing the computational complexity for assessing cable dynamic properties. Interest in this project stems from the fact that deep-water applications for mooring systems have been proposed for implementation in the near future, or have already been made (up to more than 2000 ft) in some instances. At such depths natural frequencies of the lines lie within the wave spectrum and dynamic amplification is expected, even while the strain margin is reduced by increased self-weight of the cable. See also part II.

type: Technical reports

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