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Robust Mapping and Localization in Indoor Environments Using Sonar Data.

Juan D. Tardos, Jose Neira, Paul Newman
20 pp.
MITSG 03-16J
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In this paper researchers describe a new technique for the creation of feature-based stochastic maps using standard Polaroid sonar sensors. The fundamental contributions of the proposal are: (1) a perceptual grouping process that permits the robust identification and localization of environmental features, such as straight segments and corners, from the sparse and noisy sonar data; (2) a map joining technique that allows the system to build a sequence of independent stochastic maps and join them; and (3) a robust mechanism to determine which features in a stochastic map correspond to the same environmental feature, allowing the system to update the stochastic map accordingly, and perform tasks such as revisiting and loop closing.

type: Technical reports

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Project No.: 1999-RCM-3
Title: Integrated Mapping and Navigation for Autonomous Underwater Vehicles