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Standard series trawl tests July 11-17, 1984

Clifford Goudey
27 pp.
MITSG 85-37

This report contains the test results and analysis from a series of trawl models aimed at better understanding the performance of full sized nets. Trawl fishing has become more competitive and the value of proper design, construction, and rigging is becoming more evident. Because of the interrelationship of various design features, untested design changes are risky. These tests of different trawl designs have been conducted to provide U.S. net makers with data on which to base new designs and improve old ones. While the range and scope of variations was limited, the value of the tests is apparent and they can serve as a model for further testing.

type: Technical reports

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Parent Project

Project No.: 1983-AD-5
Title: MIT Sea Grant Center for Fisheries Engineering Research

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