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Nonlinear statics of nonrotationally uniform rods with torsion

Nicholas Patrikalakis, Chryssostomos Chryssostomidis
MITSG 85-18

Compliant risers are assemblages of pipes with very small overall bending rigidity used to convey oil from the ocean floor or a subsurface buoy to a surface platform. A compliant riser is permitted to acquire large static deformations because of its small bending rigidity and may readjust its configuration in response to large slow motions of the supporting platforms, to which it is rigidly connected, without excessive stressing. The purpose of this work is to (1) formulate the static problem of a compliant riser idealized as a slender non-rotationally uniform rod with bending, extensional and torsional degrees of freedom; (2) present an embedding technique to solve the general 2-and 3-D static problems of a buoyant compliant riser; and (3) present examples of buoyant compliant riser configurations in the presence and absence of external currents.

type: Technical reports

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