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The effect of bulbous bow retrofits on the resistance and seakeeping of a 50 meter fresh fish stern trawler

Clifford Goudey, Angelos D. Heliotis
45 pp.
MITSG 85-15

This report describes research conducted at MIT on bulbous bow retrofits applied to a Canadian trawler 50 meters in length. This is the third vessel in a series of three trawler hulls included in a larger study. The most significant part of this work is the ship model towing tank results. Experimental data and analyses are supplemented by results from the MIT 5-D Ship Motions Program and results from a resistance regression model implemented on computer. In general, results show significant reductions in shaft horsepower requirements with the simple bulb designs tested. Benefits are greater at higher speeds.

type: Technical reports

Parent Project

Project No.: 1983-AD-5
Title: MIT Sea Grant Center for Fisheries Engineering Research

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