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The design and performance analysis of a digital acoustic underwater telemetry system

Josko Catipovic, Arthur Baggeroer, Keith von der Heydt
54 pp.
MITSG 85-12

This work discusses the design and performance characteristics of a Digital Acoustic Telemetry System which incorporates current technology and is capable of data transmission at rates useful to ocean exploration and development gear. The design is based on a model of the high-frequency acoustic channel generally accepted in the ocean acoustic literature. The model describes the received sound field as a sum of reflections from various scatterers, and a `line-of-sight' propagation path is not necessarily present. Measurements are presented of the underwater acoustic channel used at frequencies centered at 50 kHz and at ranges up to 1 km. An attempt is made to measure parameters relevant to digital data communication and classify the channel based on these measurements.

type: Technical reports

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